1. IMM accepts donation and offerings through the bank wire transfer Wells Fargo Bank account.

Wells Fargo Bank
866 3rd avenue.
New York. NY. 10022. USA
International swift #. WFBIUS6S
Account #. 2000029695863
Wire routing #. 031201467

2. If you prefer to send a check, please mail your check to our IMM main office in Manhattan, New York.
IMM, Dr Kanayama's office
150 east 55th street. 5th floor New York, NY. 10022. USA

Donation policy
All donations to IMM is dedicated to The Lord, and solery sown for the global IMM missionary works.IMM is the United States registered and approved NPO (Non-Profit Organization).
Please kindly provide us your full name, the address and the contact phone number, so we can issue an official receipt for your donation.We have a strict privacy policy to protect your personal information (see the privacy policy, please click here).