"Jesus who is beside me"

It was the time when cherry blossoms were in full bloom.
This is the story of PSG at that time.
I was standing alone beside a big cherry tree.
I did not have a good image of cherry blossoms.
In my past I had fear and had a sad thing happen in the cherry blossom's season.
The cherry tree I was standing beside at PSG was familiar.
It was the cherry tree I stopped and saw when I was lonely and sad. When the cherry tree with the full blooms resurrected past feeling, and I turned and looked beside me, Jesus was standing beside me with a smile. I was holding His hand while viewing the full bloom of cherry blossoms and talking about various things. I appreciated Jesus and that I had a happy time with Him. I said I was happy I had the cherry blossom viewing with you this year. Jesus said it was not the first time. When you are seeing the cherry blossoms, I was always beside you, and he smiled.
I saw that Jesus had been beside me that day when I was seeing the cherry blossoms alone with a heavy heart.

I realized that I did not notice Jesus was beside me always in the past. When I thought I was together with Jesus at the time, I felt a warmness in my heart and I realized the cherry blossom's image was changed into good.