I started PSG this January, so it will be a year.

I have been receiving many healings through PSG, but the things I received more than the healings are strong words with love and words for victory.

When I was sick, I was given 5 years to live. The Lord showed me His sovereign power through meditation prayer.

A year after the surgery, there was x'ray and CT scans again. In my head I thought it would be ok. . . because it had been healed already.

But on the contrary in reality I was so scared.

At that time I asked the Lord about it during PSG. I trust You but I was sooooo scared. I was scared because my faith was weak?

Then the Lord started to talk to me gently but strongly.

My daughter, don't you forget. . . this is My battle. Not yours. The victory had been declared already. Take the test and relax. . . .

I realized I was battling by my might desperately and I did not give it to His hand.

The Lord is so wonderful. . . .

When I remember His strong encouragement at that time, it makes me tear.

He took away the fear and filled me with His love and peace instead of the fear in my heart. Hallelujah~ As He said, I took the test with peace and, unsurprisingly the result came back very victorious!

I have an episode I would like to share. . . He taught me the thing through a funny vision. This is like springtime (of youth) drama in Showa era. Jesus was riding an old fashioned bicycle with me in the back. He turned back to me. I was holding onto his waist tightly. He said one word. . . .


At that time I thought. . . things in His hand, in His will would move fast.

I promised Him during the PSG I would hold onto Him and not fall down as He sped and would go ahead strongly.

The End . . . .

Megumi Kawaguchi