"Jesus gave me back things I lost."

When I attended PSG through the phone, before the meditation prayer, I was told to ask the Holy Spirit where I would have the meditation prayer. I used to sit wherever I liked without any attention, but that day I obeyed the Holy Spirit's lead and He showed me the spot I would hear the Lord's voice.
Then I went to the spot, relaxed and started to have meditation prayer.
When I sat in the place the Holy Sprit showed me, I was able to relax so much that I can not explain in words. I sensed Jesus was beside me and I felt comfort and warmth. Jesus wanted me to smile, smile, smile . . .many times. I realized I lost my smile since my husband passed away. I smiled naturally and I felt light instantly.
I was able to spend a splendid time for an hour and half. I felt so wrapped in warmth from head to toe.
Jesus gave me back things I lost.