"The way of expanding God's kingdom on this earth"

I sometimes experience meditation mode while I am not in PSG. Especially today I experienced it tremendously.
While I drove to various places in the car, I stopped to play a worship CD and I communicated joyfully with God who made the heaven and the earth.
When I came close to my condominium, I felt the Holy Spirit tremendously. During supper the Holy Spirit was extremely real to me. I am a 53-year-old elderly guy but I feel like a little child, being held and wrapped by the love of the Holy Sprit. I felt joy, happiness, fulfillment, peace and comfort. I still feel continuously.
I truly realized God is a loving God.
Wrapping this dry world with the love and warmth of the Holy Spirit, is the way of expanding God's kingdom on this earth. I was shown that.

Also outside of the prayer time, I was extremely happy I could meet the Holy Sprit.

Kazuyuki Minami