"Testimony in OASE 2015"

Welcome to Gimlehallen ! OASE 2015 July 7.-12.

We have expectations to what God will do this year at Oase. Many things will surely happen , because we know that God gives His spiritual gifts and at Oase people are urged to use them. We wish to especially introduce Masahide Kanayama (Japanese doctor, practicing in New York) who will have a special seminar about prayer and healing in Oddernes Church , July 8.-10. We know that he has a rich gifting and service in this.

Here is a testimony :

Per was healed from ME
Per Fylling from Vestnes got the diagnosis ME in June 2010. He became so tired that he had to quit work and lie in bed. For 3 and a half years he fought against the disease. On Easter morning of 2014 he realized that he had been healed, the day after he had been prayed for by Masahide Kanayama.

Per and his wife Rigmor remembers back to the months before Easter 2014. Per was weak and in bed. He couldn't attend the prayer meetings with Koinonia at Ørskog. But his wife used to go.
She tells how she had asked the others to pray for Per at one of the meetings. Everybody prayed and there was a message in togues with interpretation, telling that God would intervene in the right time.
When Per heard this, he said «I wonder when the right time is » Looking back, I understood that Easter morning was the right time !, he says smiling.
In the message at Koinonia, we also heard that Per would receive the mighty power that rose Jesus up from the grave. God met us like this many months before it happened, Rigmor tells.

At Easter 2014 Mashide Kanayama was the speaker at a conferance at Ørskog. Per was not attending the meetings, but was able to get up there on Saturday afternoon to be prayed for by Kanayama.
Per says «We were lucky to be able to meet Masahide. He prayed for me in 5 minutes and I didn't feel anything then. »
The next day we took a walk, and Rigmor thought Per looked well, so she asked him if he was healed.
Then suddenly I felt the difference ! I didn't have that completely exhausted feeling any more.Something had happened – I had become well ! The next day I climbed a mountain. I hadn't done this for many years. I have experienced that Jesus lives today and that He still heals the sick, Per concludes.