"Deep joy"

A testimony of Kaka, (31) from Inner Mongolia

"Kaka says, I came to Japan several years ago, and my last 4 years I have been a student at Suzuka International University. I attend youth gatherings in Kawage Lutheran Church, and some of the students received Jesus and started to prepare for baptism. I was prayed for, but I never dared to go forward to baptism. There was always a voice within me that said 《Why are you here? You don't believe in this!》

In September 2013, I came to the service to see a Chinese girl being baptized. Everybody was singing and praising God, but I sat down and felt that I was being pulled down into deep mud. The more I struggled, the more I sank. I cried out to God to help me! Some days later, the missionaries prayed for me. And I experienced the Word from Psalm 40 : 1+2. The Lord listened to me and heard my cry. He pulled me out of a dangerous pit. He set me safely on a rock and made me secure.

On Christmas Day 2013 I was baptized and many things changed in my life. My years in Japan had been full of struggle and problems, but now I knew that the joy of being saved was worth it!

In Ferbruary I was invited to an IMM Small Group of Prayer. Now God spoke to me. He said that Yes, I was on the rock, but my feet were still full of mud! I was always looking back in my life, there were people I couldn't forgive, I was attached to money, etc. I confessed this to God, and was filled with a deep joy! That day I had to call two of my friends in Inner Mongolia and say 《Maybe you don't understand what I say now, but please listen to what I have experienced!》
As Kaka is witnessing, we can see that God has filled her with His overflowing Joy!"